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January 6, 2007
posted by Nk. at 5:30 PM

please tell me i'm not supposed to write the sequel to the next The Gods Must Be Crazy movie. Last night, the gods were in a joking mood and answered my prayers...lo and behold, light! and guess who were the instruments of such miraculous event?

our retired cop neighbor slash neighborhood drunkard and his posse of similarly inclined past-middle-aged-men-with-low-self-esteem-disguised-as-assholes.

Mr. Molo doesn't like us very much, his neighbors. for some reason his version of a morning praise is to throw profanities in our general direction (my parents' house and my aunts' house). he also i presume, cannot sleep peacefully at night without throwing insults and curses again, at us. i think he hates it that my dad won't join him and his posse in their nightly communion with San Miguel and god knows what else. i don't know why he hates my aunts. two ladies in their 50s, still single, dedicated teachers. maybe he has a crush on one of them but thinks he's too fat. whatever his reasons, he was at his funniest last night.

apparently he and his posse got friendly with a lineman from aleco. what a surprise it was for us to discover the lineman named Alex getting busy --
purposely skipping our houses because Mr. Molo said so. Yes ladies and gentlemen. The world unfortunately, is full of losers.

on with the story.

seeing this great injustice, Auntie Ning, flashlight in hand, confronted Loser Number 2 (that would be alex the lineman) and basically told him that it could be his last day at work, because tomorrow, she will make her presence and by this i mean Her presence, in aleco. Mr. Molo, not to be intimidated, zigzagged his way to through the straight path and asked

Auntie Ning *snarling*:
i am not talking to you. the drunk backed off.

so the lineman alex, almost crowing in fear at the thought of losing his precious 9-5 job, told the crowd gathering that yes, he'll fix everything, everyone will have lights in their houses.

we stood by and watched him sweat.

all the time Mr. Molo and his posse we're talking incoherently amongst themselves, perhaps savoring the only time they felt like real males.

in the end we all had lights in our houses.

and Mr. Molo
paid for it. all of it.

so geez,
thanks Mr. Molo.



did anyone watch Maging Sino Ka Man last night??

i was only able to hear it on the radio, but i got confused when all i heard at the end part were
"mmmmmmmpppfffh" and "hhhhmmffff" and some other weird noises.

this morning,
amber (who is in the US) buzzed me.

amber: omgaaah, kahit ****** kuno si sem magaling sya humalik
chocomanik: *rotfl*
chocomanik: di ko nakita un sis
chocomanik: kissing sens nila ni anne?
chocomanik: patingin *rotfl*
amber: may love scene na sila ngayon
amber: magaling sila pareho
Smallville *rotfl*
chocomanik: kaso lintek bawal utube dito
amber: sa STAIRS
chocomanik: wohow!
amber: takti. R rated ata MSKM
chocomanik: *rotfl*
amber: pix gusto mo
chocomanik: sige *lol*

*amber shows pictures*

and i was like, omigazh philippine tv is finally getting some! lol!