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August 30, 2009
posted by Nk. at 11:55 PM

Here's the thing: I don't like sci-fi movies.

Next only to horror movies and corny Tagalog films that star the likes of Jinggoy Estrada, I steer clear of this film genre. I guess creatures that resemble supersized insects and have gunk dripping all over them (hello there Alien), giant snakes (hello there Anaconda), man-eating zombies (hello there Night of the Living Dead), and evil, psychotic slashers who obtain joy from dismembering teenagers (hello, Freddie Krueger) aren't my thing. There are a few exceptions tho, like Carrie, TV's The Andromeda Strain and FRINGE, and Independence Day *don't judge me!*-- but I digress.

But I watched District 9 today and surprise, surprise-- IT WAS AWESOME.

I wasn't expecting District 9 to be the kind of movie that it was. I was bracing myself for lots of senseless dismemberment and gore all over the place, the kind that won't let me sleep for days after I've seen the movie. Instead the film turned out to be, I daresay, a thought-provoking experience. Sure there were still graphic scenes but it wasn't all just that. What I really liked was how District 9 almost accurately painted the kind of scenario that could happen when and should aliens and humans be forced to cohabitate on earth-- and the humanity, or inhumanity of mankind's reaction to it.

So awesome was it that I found myself rooting for Christopher (the "prawn") and his son, and almost tearing up at the last scenes involving the main protagonist, Wikus (yep, that sound you hear is the sound of aliens going "aawwwwww".

So yeah, go watch District 9, folks. But if you're looking for a movie that'll scare the shit out of you and leave your brain on temporary paralysis--this is not your type of movie. Because this movie will NOT make you braindead.

* I had difficulty with dinner after the movie tho-- I couldn't eat the meatballs without thinking of the alien uhmm...limb. ='/ Sort of like the time I watched Finding Nemo? When I couldn't eat fish without thinking that his parents might be looking for him?

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August 21, 2009
posted by Nk. at 3:13 PM

I suppose that I should let you guys know that I'm having a mindbleed, yes, a mindbleed-- from trying to find a place of my own that's nearer to where I work. I've realized that like all other impulsive decisions I've made in the past, moving to Antipolo (now matter how puuurdy and chillin' it is there) was well. Let's just call it a...learning experience.

So now I am desperate for a place of my own. Desperate, you hear?

I only want a few things for this future place of my own:

Space big enough to not make me feel like I'm in a coffin. (A studio type apartment would do)

Big windows.

Clean, safe neighborhood.

Friendly neighbors. Or neighbors that don't give a f-- okay, friendly neighbors would be great!

That it be no more than 2 rides away to where I work. Because I absolutely loathe getting stuck in traffic.

So if you guys can recommend a place in Pasig or Mandaluyong, I'll be very grateful. I'll be so grateful I'll go to church. Or something. No seriously. I do need help with this?

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August 17, 2009
posted by Nk. at 12:07 AM

I don't mind the world today
the fear in me is strong
and I love you
No one had to fend,
to fold, to see
with me

I went to church today. It seemed like today was a good day to pray, or have some semblance of communication with The Unseen Hand that supposedly has a say in everything that happens in this universe. I've become a bit wary of conversing with this higher power for a time now. Maybe I've lost my religion, or maybe my religion has lost me. More often than not I've found myself not knowing what to ask for-- not that I've run out of things to ask for, because there's a lot-- but I don't know. Maybe I still don't know what I want. Or maybe I'm just afraid to ask? Because I might not get it. Or I may just get it, and then not know what to do. Like now.

Ends when you change your life
Give you my soul, as long as you find your way
Starts when you fall and ends when you change your life
Give you my soul, as long as you find your way to shine
to shine

I sure hope the higher power is listening. Maybe He (or She) will consider using His (or Her) upper hand this time? And point me To Somewhere More Than This?

This song. It owns my heart.
Because right now, I'm waiting for you to shine.

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