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January 21, 2009
posted by Nk. at 8:35 AM

Barack Obama is President.

President Barack Obama
(image from

I'm excited, and hopeful -- for America, and the world.

I wonder when will we ever get that kind of hope here in the Philippines? When was the last time we were really, really hopeful about our country, and us, as a people?

Come to think of it, when was the last time we were inspired?

I'm kinda jealous of her.
Aside from being pretty (and not about to turn 30 anytime soon), she has a President she can believe in.
(Reuters image, taken from yahoo! news)

But today, I am hopeful. And happy that there is a man who can inspire change.

I just hope that we Filipinos are not just watching -- but more importantly, are learning from this historic event too.

When will our new day come?

President Barack Obama's speech here.

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January 12, 2009
posted by Nk. at 12:59 AM


ZOMG!!1! SRSLY?!?!
(just a small photo here, don't want to scare you guys with my funny big face)

Yup, that's right. I can no longer claim to be experiencing quarter-life crisis each time I do not know what I want. I still don't know what I want and what to want sometimes, but I do have about three more weeks right? Riggghhhht.

So let's see. Turning 30 (let's say this the most cheerful way possible) is my new year. And what do I plan (I purposely refrain from saying "goals" because "goals" are scary stuff) to achieve in my new year? No, let's replace that -- what do I want to do this year?

Yup, wanting something really bad should do the trick, and these are the things that I want:

1. Learn something new. I have been thinking about how my writing skills have been reduced and stuck to the cyber-yapping I've been doing lately. I've always wanted to write something relatively more memorable than "even his smoker's cough is sexy". See, I want to write something for the movies. I have all of these scenes and dialogues in my head and I never get to put them down on paper. If I ever did, I'd write a few sentences, stop, then forget all about it. I'm usually good at starting things, but always seem to end to get lost in the middle (this is also true in some other aspects of my life, but that's another post) and never reach an ending. Heh.

So yeah. Maybe I'll go back to school.

2. Have more out of town trips! I want to be a stranger again in a strange place! Hopefully, our Singapore trip pushes through this April. Any would be friends out there?

3. Save up. I've never really been a thrifty person, I've never been one to consciously and religiously set aside money for "future use". Maybe it's because of my self-indulgent nature, or maybe because I've never really worried about the future that much. But I think if I don't want to end up seriously broke in the future I'll have to start saving now (and shit, I'm almost 30!)

4. Go to the beach the soonest opportunity that comes. I just miss the beach. I want to feel the sand between my toes, I want to hear the ocean rush to the shore, and I want to be just engulfed by the beauty of it all. So yeah, hurry summer, hurry!

5. Give this blog a facelift. I mean really, it's so boring. Also, I need to learn how to exactly do that. I know a little HTML, CSS and stuff, but "a little" would mean "a lot" of me arm-twisting my cousin to help me get the right new look for this blog. So yes plz, teach me CSS and those things.

6. Earn more. Find ways to earn more moolah without resorting to criminal activity (kidding).

7. Like Helga, read more books and actually read those that I buy and not just leave them to dust in the corner of the room. Also, watch more of those Wong Kar Wai, Sofia Coppola types of films.

8. Eat healthier. To get to know other dinners than the canned tuna-crushed crackers if not chilimansi pancit canton that I'm very fond of.

9. Learn how to cook. For my own good.

10. Meet a man who actually has more balls than I do (channeling Salma Hayek.) LOL.

With that said, let's all go back to pretending I'm 24, shall we?

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