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June 26, 2008
posted by Nk. at 6:10 PM

This made me say oh my frolicking god!!! today.

Rotafarkingtating skyscrapers??!? Oh my lawrd, take me there! First it was "The World", now a building that will literally knock you out of your senses. Dubai sure gives a whole new meaning to living in the lap of luxury. Okaaaaayyy parents!!! How's the digging for oil in our backyard going? No luck? Dig deeper!!!


My mom asked me to call her and my dad this morning. Apparently the folks are missing me a lot. I miss them too, but not the kind of missing that makes lonely tearful nights and shit I want to go hoooomeee moments. I'm afraid that I've never had that drama gland in my body (in school I was always the one who wondered why this classmate was crying her eyes out when we were just going to spend a week away, I mean, it wasn't like we were never coming back how funny really. Also, I had to force myself to cry during our High School Retreat because everyone was bawling except me. So, I thought about Free Willy, you know, that whale? And cried.)

Maybe this is what parents fear most, their kids living on their own -- and loving it -- enough to not want to go back home.

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June 20, 2008
posted by Nk. at 8:34 PM

So I went home riding a unicorn last night.

Yup, I was so exhausted from work I was high. It wasn't so much about the physical exhaustion, it was more like the feeling of my brain just flickering on and off -- you know, like that dysfunctional light in your toilet sometimes? On my way home I was almost certain that I would just plop down unconscious in the street but thanks to the universe who looks like it still could be rooting for my puny existence, I managed to reach home without unnecessarily embarrassing myself in public.

And did I mention I was starving?

When I got home I gobbled the two asado siopaos I bought on the way, and ate the dinner Art prepared. Dinner, consisting of rice and ulam. Yes folks, I ate like a pig last night. A sleeping pig, that is, because I caught myself dozing off to neverland and seeing visions of strobe lights, double ks, red shoes, crinkling eyes, and dancing cows. While chewing.

I think I might have to get myself a break before the break gets me first.

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June 18, 2008
posted by Nk. at 6:06 PM Avenue Q!

Please? I'll do anything? Well. Almost anything.

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June 17, 2008
posted by Nk. at 12:36 PM

* WARNING: Long entry ahead

Wow. I haven't touched this blog in ages. What can I do, I'm swamped with work at the office lately so much so that I can barely remember to comb my hair or go to the loo.

Anyway. The most I can do is this little summary of What Happened (And Failed To Happen) In My Life In The Past Few Days:


I expected an outing with my old friends from Legazpi but for some reason that involved one of them just joking that he was here but really wasn't (I'm looking atchu, Cyril), I ended up downing glass after glass of grenadine-laced Red Horse with my spur-of-the-moment weekend gal pal Ghetti, her boyfriend Eric, and my BFF Edri at W Grill Makati instead. Now I don't like drinking Red Horse because it tastes awful, but this time Ghetti's little discovery tasted real nice, and I didn't mind drinking it along with my strawberry margarita at all. And it was the first time in months that I got to get out again so yeah, fcuk it and drink I did.


After W-Grill Edri and I found ourselves heading to Jo and Cata's place in Antipolo -- where after another round of Red Horse (which, thanks to my already malfunctioning taste buds, I couldn't taste anymore) -- my good old friends managed to ask me the Profound Question Resulting From Outrageous Alcohol Intake Of The Week.

Cata and Edri, on my dating dilemmas: "Eh ano naman kung ma-inlove ka??" (So what if you fell in love??)

Great. Good to know I have supportive friends all too willing to push me off the cliff, rite. Good to know.



Woke up in Antipolo, and ended the day eating like there's no tomorrow at Mr. Kabab in West Ave. And oh yeah, watched My Sassy Girl at home before going off to sleep. Totally loved it.



Went on a solitary mall expedition -- something I totally forgot that I really enjoy doing because most of the time lately I went with people (who ended up spoiling the experience by doing either of two things: 1. complaining and 2. complaining more.) While eating lunch at good old McDonald's I kept getting distracted by the soundtracky background music they had -- the type you'd hear when getting in an adventure ride in Disneyland. I half expected gazelles to leap out my chicken McDo meal. Or something. Weird. But I liked it. Sometimes a distraction is all you need.



Back to work, was a not a bad day because somebody said my name so cutely that I heard the double "k's". Does that make sense? No? Good, because you're not supposed to get it, lol.

Well it was good, until later when we took our rabbits to the vet and discovered that the awful scaly thing causing Pepper's coat, nose and ears to shed was scabies. Very bad news, yes. But the real bad news is having the owner of the pet actually considering just leaving the animal for dead because oh well, she can just replace it with a new one, just in case. You can just imagine how upset this made me feel -- I had to resist the urge to punch something in the face.

And because I clearly heard the vet saying that it was treatable, I decided to have both Pepper, and my pet rabbit Sugar (who now has caught the disease too) treated even if it could mean starving until the next payday. (Yeah yeah you're entitled to your opinion but just so you know, I don't respect it. Get it? Good. Here, get yourself some education.)

People who think that it's okay to just let a pet die because it's replaceable ANYWAY should never get pets in the first place. Pets are not toys, and caring for them involves getting them treatment when they're sick (something that should occur to anyone before getting themselves that oh my gooossshhh it's sssooo cuuuuute animal). It's not just all about having a cute dog to walk around for the world to go ooohhh and aaaawwww at. If you can't handle the responsibility and commit to it just go get yourself some pet stuffed toy instead. At least that one's already dead (was never alive, in fact).

I'll make a good vet I know. I'll be the good vet that stabs you in the eye with a syringe if you make any stupid suggestions, like leaving a pet for dead. Lucky world I'm not.

That's Situation Normal: All Fcked Up, for you.

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June 3, 2008
posted by Nk. at 6:03 PM

Yours was a failed hijacking of my heart.


No hero in my sky
but I can land this plane just fine =)


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