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April 30, 2007
posted by Nk. at 12:52 PM

One Day Blog Silence

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posted by Nk. at 12:29 AM

question: why do we pout our lips when we're doing beso-beso? ba't nakaganun *makes pouting expression* ang lips natin when we're not actually going to kiss, cheek to cheek lang actually ang magtatouch?


was watching Miss Philippines Earth over at abs-cbn. actually, i am watching the Vic Zhou and Barbie Xu (real life couple now! -- geeezzzsh i'm always the last one to know about these things) drama series Mars on youtube (kasalanan mo to aya!), the TV just happened to be there running the beauty pageant and my mom was watching. i have to say that really, Filipinas are beautiful creatures. but one thing i hate about beauty pageants is the question and answer portion. wherefore it's original purpose was to show to the world that beauty can also come with brains, it doesn't always turn out that way.

i cannot remember the last time i was impressed by a beauty candidate's answer over a question thrown at her. but i can remember the last time i laughed tried not to laugh over a candidate's answer. of course i probably would have my brains paralyzed if i were in their position too. and it wouldn't help if you had piolo pascual doing the hosting and asking you silly questions with his dreamboat eyes.

like piolo says, how would you explain global warming to a child?

if i was the one being asked,

me: *blank*

piolo: *smiles an encouraging smile*

me: i...think...i'm...having...a global warming...*drools*

piolo: *runs away screaming*

i mean really. how can you possible worry about global warming when there's piolo making you feel that's everything's going to be alright in this world? you can hear heaven's choir of angels for chrissakes. what on earth were they thinking asking piolo and john lloyd cruz to host that pageant. how can you think of something smart when face to face with something like this:

not fair isn't it?
sana naging baso na lang ako.
or chocolate chip cookie.

okay. just for the fun of it:

kamusta naman ang F4 di ba?

at a recent appearance in Japan

never really got caught in the F4 fever (though i thought Jerry Yan was a cutie -- so cute those dimples!)...makes me wonder, Japan, Korea and Taiwan all have big stars now. when will the Philippines give these guys a run for their money?

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April 25, 2007
posted by Nk. at 8:11 AM

okay. so i had only 2 hours of sleep again...last night i was looking at me and my sister's recent pictures in her celfone and i looked gadawful. pwede na akong ipasok sa manila zoo sa lalim ng eyebags ko, pumapanda bear effect.

anyhooo. watched the correspondents last night -- the topic was why are people scrambling to get a senate seat when the salary is only a mere P35,000 per month, compared to the millions you'll spend campaigning to get that seat.

incumbent senator miriam defensor-santiago (i love this woman she gives no BS talk kasi) says, naman, kasi pag nakapasok ka na sa senado mababawi mo na ang "investment" mo sa pagkampanya, may tubo ka pa! at hindi lang P35,000 nakukuha ng senador noh. that's just the amount stated in the constitution. truth is, every senator is allocated P1M each month for "office" expenses, at wala pa dyan ang PORK BARREL - isang tumataginting na P200M per senator. tapos imagine if magkakadugo pa kayo sa senado? as in mother-father-brother-sister? kamusta naman ang family business nyo di ba? panalo in a major way! wala ng maghihirap sa pamilya nyo in decades to come! all your apos will be born with a silver spoon, alta sociedad pare, at shempre pa, future senator na rin -- continue the family "tradition" of "public service"! wagi.

yup. why bother teaching them how to fish when you can just give them the damn fish.
end of story.

of course our good senators can always give us the bullshit that they won't claim their pork, but as miriam so adoringly said, pag di mo kinuha pork barrel mo mapupunta naman sya sa isa pang magnanakaw. and just who is is other magnanakaw here? turns out that if a senator chooses not to claim his or her pork barrel, it goes to the president's pork barrel. how neat 'o huh? i mean really. stealing money en masse has never been so convenient.

aaawww. it's not his fault that he was born prince charming.

former senator jovito salonga was also interviewed and he said that during his time, the elections was a contest of the most intelligent -- the best and the brightest minds in this country. ah, these are the times that we wish we could bring back the dead -- claro m. recto, lorenzo tanada, jose diokno. now the senate is composed of a bizarre mixture of first-class thieves, clowns, action stars -- and well, their spouses and kin. the ones with the truly sharp minds will not even reach 3.

future president of the philippines
(at least he can punch. that's a good sign, isn't it?)

but you have to give it to the filipinos. they make the same mistake every time. you can bet on it that the filipinos will vote more clowns into the senate, and in the government in general this year.

see, we don't like progress. we like entertainment.

do yourself a favor, click this link and get to know your senatoriables.

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April 20, 2007
posted by Nk. at 5:07 PM

One Day Blog Silence

Silence can say more than a thousand words.

This day shall unite us all about this unbelievable painful & shocking event and show some respect and love to those who lost their loved ones.

On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. More then 30 died at the US college massacre.

But it´s not only about them. Many bloggers have responded and asked about all the other victims of our world. All the people who die every day. What about them?

This day can be a symbol of support to all the victims of our world!

All you have to do is spread the word about it and post the graphic on your blog on 30th April 2007. No words and no comments. Just respect, reflect and empathy.

[taken from this site, thanks to peach!]

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April 18, 2007
posted by Nk. at 7:59 PM

oh my god. please make flor de luna go away. i swear it is the lamest soap opera ever to exist on planet earth. please just have all the characters die in a house fire and end our agony.

still on things i saw on TV today: mark jimenez is acting reaaaally funny. watching the all-white clad mark jimenez on TV patrol kanina i almost half expected him to declare that he is the second messiah or something. ang weird, pramis.

of course there's the slew of silly political ads, like tessie aquino oreta's continuing dramatic presentation of philippine miserable life as she knows it. sino ba kasi ang scriptwriter mo tessie? woman in tessie aquino ad: "dahil kay tessie...nalaman ko na ang babae ay hindi PALA dapat sinasaktan". WTF?? shouldn't everybody know that they should not be made a punching bag of? sure love, fear and sheer stupidity combined can make you agree to stay in an abusive relationship, but to not at least be aware that being intentionally hurt physically (or otherwise) by another is wrong? i see that good ol' tessie can grow brains on dumb people now? at least tito sotto has good actors in his ad. he and his friends could be just acting, but at least you get entertained.

on better things on the boobtube -- i'm lovin' nescafe's newest, so cool it's hot commercial. the reggae flavor is just oh-lala, greeeeaaat. just makes you want to head to the beach with your iced coffee and party the time away.

speaking of smokin' hot...

what can i say, i love baaaddd boys.

watching pinoy big brother now. bruce is taking off to slovenia for the big brother swap. okay so madrama na sana ang mga eksena, pero nung inembrace ni nel si bruce, with matching iyak -- sorry pero natawa ako guys. kasi naman kailangan pa nya talagang iclench sa kanyang mga kamay ang shirt ni bruce eh. kaloka.

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posted by Nk. at 8:24 AM

just what does it take for a person to snap, and destroy everything in sight?

another senseless killing in the U.S.

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April 16, 2007
posted by Nk. at 3:38 PM

i love youtube!

3am this morning i finished the 2003 korean movie madeleine which starred the veritable jo in sung and the beautiful shin min ah. what can i say but i loved it, that's why i'm raving about it hehe.

jo in sung has hideous blond hair here, but, he is still a cutie and yep, you will hate shi min ah here because she gets him to look at her with puppy dog eyes, and yoohoo talie, a sweet kiss in the rain near the ocean! hahaha.

but it really is a good watch, it's not heart-wrenching or anything. it's a simple and straightforward love story that won't leave you heart-washed. for those who've had enough of eula valdes et al, watch madeleine here.


grabe ang innniiiiittttttt!!! boracay calls!

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April 14, 2007
posted by Nk. at 8:50 AM

slept at 3am this morning, woke up at 6, went to work at 8.

feeling like a zombie.

need coffee. and johnny depp. which means that i shall remain in a catatonic state for the rest of the day because dear johnny is love won't be happening in the office.

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April 11, 2007
posted by Nk. at 11:42 PM

Good Friday in legazpi city meant life-size images of the saints and Jesus in a procession around the city. here are some pictures me and my sister took. :)

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posted by Nk. at 3:29 PM

not all who wander are lost.

yiiiiiipppeeeeeyyy!! my own little space in cyberdom just got roomier!! (not that anybody cares lol) thanks to my cousin val for tinkering with my blog's current template...i know, i know, it's boooring. i mean wtf, apple is not even my favorite fruit. aayusin ko na sya pramis!

okay. my clothes just got smaller. so yesterday i decided that i needed to go on a diet. meaning, i have to starve refrain from eating rice and everything that needed bodily activity to be properly digested. so for lunch i had....tadaaaaaa! pepsi max with extra joss (because i was sleepy okay, it's some potion Cata suggested i take if i wanted to keep my peepers up @ work) and, skyflakes onion and chives flavored crackers (blue skies tastes better!). yes, you are looking at The Person With the Unhealthy Diet. don't nag because it's not gonna make me eat 1 cup of rice hahaha!

but ooohhhhh, i so love the watermelon shake! i do, i do!

aaambbbbbbeeerr! are you reading this? didja see the "fight" scene with samchin last night? omigaszh, i swear there were sparks flying, like i almost cheered for them to get down and do it hahaha! and dod, i'm lovin' chapter 12! *claps*

aaaaaawwww. Princess Hours The Ended in abs-cbn last night. this is the soap that stole my heart. Princess Hours is love. take me to korea so i can scour the place for my own ice-melts-into-man-with-clumsiness prince.

okay. i've been wanting to say this for the longest time. jay-r siaboc sounds like april boy regino part 2. i swear. aside from the fact that his attempt of doing bamboo manalac moves is as cool as pagoda hairstyling goo.

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April 9, 2007
posted by Nk. at 11:59 PM

grabe, ang haba ng bakasyon pero parang bitin pa rin! haha! i'm supposed to post some pictures but i've yet to upload them so wait muna hehe. right now, work mode muna (kasi kasi inuna ang lakwatsa kaya eto, magtatrabaho ng alas dose ng gabi!) while watching abs-cbn's Noypi, Ikaw Ba 'To? i highly recommend this show to everyone, it makes me proud to be pinoy! too bad na masyado na syang late pinapakita. this is the kind of show that should be on primetime! KJ na kung KJ ako, pero these days pinoys could use some re-education =) especially when it comes to values (not so say na wala ng values ang pinoy, on the contrary, Noypi shows na meron pa!)

i went out to give some long overdue visits to some good friends this afternoon and i'm so glad i did. it was such a joy to see my old friends again, namiss ko sila grabe. si cy daddy na! ang cute ni codie -- pero nope, di pa po ako magpafamily di pa carry ng powers ko lol. parang kelan lang gimik lang kami ng gimik ngayon tatay na sya (last man standing sa fundador cy? hahaha!)? ang bilis ng panahon grabe. meann, mark, cy and i also gave mirz a visit, sobrang overdue na to pramis -- 2 weeks ago siguro she got into a motorcycle accident ayun tinahi sa ulo at sa leg. pero the amazona (just like me!) that mira is, ayun, nakarecover naman agad. buti naman coz we two got plans to go to bora noh, dapat matuloy na bago pa kami mauntog sa ulo at makaisip mag asawa hahaha!

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April 3, 2007
posted by Nk. at 9:50 PM

i don't know about you guys, but singing the traditional pasyon to the tune of pinoy ako sounds very wrong to me.

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April 1, 2007
posted by Nk. at 6:28 PM

the point is, to live.

what better way to spend a hot, hot sunday than with the people who matter most...and halo-halo?

halo-halo for four =)

i love it when something you've been wishing and praying for happens, and at the most unexpected time...and it happens, like pours. sometimes, sa sobrang saya mo natatakot ka na, that later on, baka maging lugmok ulit. but i realized, that if you don't live in the moment, or refuse to because you fear that it won't last -- the happiness -- then you're not living at all. you're just going through the motions, at 'yun ang lugmok!

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