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April 27, 2009
posted by Nk. at 4:37 PM

I only have reminders for myself for this blog entry:

1. Jose Cuervo is not my friend.

Message in a bottle: "Let's go to hell. Together!"

On the two occasions I drank this I lost my wallet, my reflexes, some parts of my memory (thank god?) and a little of my dignity (or so I'd like to think). Which isn't really completely a bad thing, says my guy-buddies. Which makes me all the more suspicious. So yeah, Jose Cuervo, we're not friends.

...but I don't really hold grudges, so...

2. Be careful of those sockets and plugs, so says my mother. She says my sister dreamt of me getting electrocuted. Possible explanation: I have to be more careful of everything that involves electricity (does that feeling you get when you meet eyes with your crush count? No? Kk). Either that, OR, my sister really hates me.

(Strangely enough I've always had this irrational fear of getting run over by a speeding truck. When crossing a busy street I go into silent panic, and if ever a companion so hesitates while crossing the street you can expect that silent panic to turn into a not so pleasant shriek. So yeah, thank you to those who offer their arm or hand to me during these times, you sweet you, heh.)

3. Remember to save some money. Singapore trip is in a few weeks.

I'd remind myself of a few more things, but those things already qualify under stuff I already know.

Let me tell you about two posts that blew me away today tho:

Rom's Love Letter
Modern Patadyong's Hunas

I wish that I could just write down all the demons that I've been indulging in my mind lately the way these two could, but no, I could only read their words and nod my head and say, yeah, that's it. That's how it feels. That's how it is.

On a lighter note, can I just say let's *high five* the makers of Ang Blog ng Mga Tunay na Lalake?

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April 11, 2009
posted by Nk. at 4:56 PM

Because movies like The Neverending Story, Mac and Me, and E.T. made a permanent impression in my consciousness as a child (I honestly believed there was a giant flying dog slash dragon somewhere), because only movies like these can coax an emotional reaction from me AND because I have an uhm, fertile imagination...

I know riite??


The movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak's award-winning children's picture book Where the Wild Things Are is coming to theaters near me this year!

How adorable is this? *sniff*

So lucky to have stumbled on this on wecouldgrowup2gether's fabulous blog (thanks much!)

Watch the trailer here.

"Inside all of us is a wild thing."


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April 10, 2009
posted by Nk. at 4:46 PM

And so it is, Good Friday, and I went to work.

But yesterday, I went to church. Rom, you couldn't have said things better. (If I were in the province I would be joining the traditional Via Dolorosa later as I've been doing so for many years now having been raised a Catholic thank you, and I predict I'd be more and more disenchanted with the "religious" when I see people in the procession gossiping, making pacute to other processioneers (ok fine inimbento na word), and generally just not being there --but that's another story).

So in the absence of something religious to do tonight I'll be around, roaming the city (trafficless!) to hopefully capture the faithful-- and the faithless with my cameras while Jesus is well, supposed to be dead (this is not a wrong thing to say, is it? Lightning strike to me?).

I hope my point and shoot skillz don't disappoint.

So yeah, be good, people.


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April 7, 2009
posted by Nk. at 5:38 PM

Nothing like something you can't or shouldn't have to make things more interesting. That transformation is...scary. I'm sorry, but who wants to look like The Jacko reinvented these days? The thought of having so much to do in 2 days, and nothing in 3 is making me panic a little. You shouldn't put color in everything sometimes it just is that, nothing. Excitement. I just want a house near the beach where I can wake up to white curtains dancing in the breeze and the blue of the ocean just waiting, waiting outside. I wish I could find in me the spirit of Lent but I can't. Maybe tomorrow I will? Once in a while you find a status message that'll keep the day interesting. The other day I went to church with a friend to pray (yes to pray for courage maybe) and I felt weird after. Not hallelujah-weird, but hhhhmmm-weird. Sometimes it just feels like God is too busy to pay attention you know? How important could wanting a guy to go bonkers over you can be over the (remote) possibility of a nuclear war/disaster thanks to North Korea? Anyway. You, don't do that. She'll take a tumble on you roll you like you were dice until you come out blue...If you're having too much fun should you stop and start to think? I'm kinda jealous of all my friends heading home for the long holy week vacation, but I absolutely detest having to brave the crowds in the terminals so I'll just stay put. The brakes, step on the brakes luv. And stay sane. And sober. Because getting drunk is not an OK idea when you're alone and wanting something you shouldn't. Too much. The universe does not like that. But I do. So. Why'd you have to be so cute. Yes please to some vodka. I wish giving in was as easy as this.

Please to forgive my jumble of thoughts, obviously somebody's not thinking straight. Hope to post something 'bout my Pangasinan beach-capade (pics!) or something that will closely resemble a decent blog entry soon folks.

beach tiemz!

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