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April 30, 2008
posted by Nk. at 9:00 AM

Christina Ricci. I'll turn a lez for her, but I like boys (though they are funny characters).

And as for me, I need a new haircut. My hair will scare your babies.

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April 28, 2008
posted by Nk. at 7:34 AM

Ailene, one of our best QAs, has decided to transfer back to the provinces last week. I was upset of course, but what can I do, people make decisions and when they do you can only watch them succeed, (or fail). But of course I'd want Ai to emerge triumphant in the decision she made, she's good, and she deserves it.

She told me it was because of a "calling" (and Will Smith) -- and (even if I hadn't gone to church in months) I respect that. Yes, I bitched out for a while about losing good people in the team but hey, who wants to compete with a calling?

Would you guys believe that my very very first dream was to become a nun?

nun pointing up: do you hear what i hear?
me (listening intently): said "donuts," rite?

Nuns, they have a calling you know. When I was seven I waited and waited but didn't hear anything. Maybe I was just deaf, or, maybe the caller was speaking in another language? Like Greek. Or Checkozlovakian?

Anyway, my failed sisterhood plans notwithstanding, I wish you Ai all the best. Do continue praying for us will you? Because if God doesn't have a sense of humor I'd be in trouble now?

On a different note --

Did I mention that two days before leaving for Pagudpud, Juliet, Art and I bought ourselves pet rabbits?

White: We have humans.
Black: That's good news rite?
White: ...
Brown: We're domed.

all creatures great and small?

Pet rabbit has no name yet. Help me name her?

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April 23, 2008
posted by Nk. at 6:48 PM

sand, sea, shore, sunset -- bliss.

So I went to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte for some fun time with my friends. And what a fun time it was!

The farthest I've ever been to The North is Baguio (and that was uhm, four years ago? yea yea, whatta loser), and now I can proudly say that I've been to the tip of the Philippines (yay!) -- if you don't count Batanes of course, which we plan to visit too this year, hehe.

The travel to Pagudpud took almost ten hours (by bus), which was the same as going back to my province. And considering I haven't gone home in almost five months (I know mom) -- surviving the trip in a good mood was already an accomplishment.

But what's a ten hour trip if you're with friends right?

uh, the bus conductor not included.

What was our itinerary? The beach (at Arinaya Beach Resort where we stayed), the beach with the amazing, stiff neck-inducing, huge, huge windmills (Bangui Bay), the beach (Blue Lagoon where we beach-hopped), near the beach (Agua Grande), and the bridge overlooking the beach,no, the South China Sea (Patapat Bridge/Viaduct).

Now I haven't set foot in a beach for a year so those who care about me will understand if they will suddenly have difficulty seeing me in the dark the next time they invite me out to the movies (by the way, I want to watch Across The Universe).

Pictures, yes?

oooohhhh, it's orangeeeyyy!

ooopp. blame my poor levitation to the awesome pull of gravity.

windmills! big ones!

the world through my watermelon, lolz

and we hit the beach (and get pwnd by the waves!)

popsicles at the beach = win

beach is love. =)

my girl Myrtle!


More photos here, here, here, and here.

Thanks to Myrtle (and her family and friends) for being a great host(ess?).

Next stop: La Union? (We're looking atchu, vince)

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April 11, 2008
posted by Nk. at 8:35 PM

paperwork on my desk!

Here's the thing.

I'm bored (though the sight of my current eye candy do have me grooving to American Boy from time to time and yes vince, maida, and arcee, you are NOT allowed to comment on this particular statement k?K), nearly blind from checking and counter-checking note after note on excel sheets, have kinky hair on my head, fat (this is a must complaint for all girls, don't complain without this word!), and have an uncertain future (even though my boss has assured me of great news coming my way soon so I should hold tight until my blood vessels burst).

I am also protesting the fact that Johnny Depp is getting married. Married!1!! To her?? Why??! I have ugly teeth too! Marry me, Johnny!! I promise to comb your hair for you. And wash your clothes. Maybe even give you a bath. Two, even three times a day. Hell, I'll build you a bathroom if you want. Choose me!!

One happy thing though, the totally unrelated personal news that my sister -- She Who Has Not Talked Or Texted Me In The Past Four Months -- has, by some amazing twist of fate, and surely by both divine AND PARENTAL intervention -- allowed me the use of The Camera.

The Camera my friends, my Source Of Joyful Camwhorage. 'Course The Camera will be with me until only the end of the month (from whence I shall have to personally deliver it back to the provinces To The Sister With The Cold Shoulder And Eternal Suspicion That I Shall Screw Things Up Eventually) but, that's enough to give me joy joy joy because it means 19 days of camwhorage fiesta (including 3 glorious days in Pagudpod yes!)

And so. Without further ado, I now flood you with photos. Of myself of course. And okay, of others.

a little tongue action, i has it.

mornings at the office.

camwhoring, as usual.

break time is dicking around time!
(art and maida starring in "Traydor Sa Breaktime")

a little drama, for your mama.

Seriously, a picture for my mama. =)

Well that was a blog entry. Heh.

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April 3, 2008
posted by Nk. at 4:37 PM

One moment me and my girls and Art were gaping at some 80s porn in this motel room, neon underwear and their um, humongous contents attacking us with brutal motion picture force and then the next remote-controlled moment we see this nancy jane character (who looked suspiciously like that actress nancy castiglione) attempting what looked to be a Kylie Minogue imitation-inspired music video. We check the channel again and sure enough it was a music channel and yes, it was a music video (there was a song playing in the background and the person appeared to be singing, as well as dancing!)

So surprised was I that I almost shed tears, confessed my sins (very few, I tell ya) and prayed the rosary. In Latin. Except that I didn't know how.

So this is what has been happening since I've been away from cable television for three months? (yes yes, we're poor! we're accepting donations -- appliances, gadgets, dining sets, sofas, food, cars, maids, drivers (preferably good looking ones!), even pets!)

So what was I saying? Oh. Yeah that. And she has an album too? And we still have our singers assaulting us with their versions of James Ingram and Taylor Dane songs on a regular basis! What a funnys, these pinoy peoples are.

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