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October 31, 2008
posted by Nk. at 4:50 PM

Dahil sanay tayo makiusong mga Pinoy, sige na nga, Happy Halloween!

(I cannot focus on writing an entry right now, my mind is going, party, party, party! Hopefully next week I'll have a proper entry, hehe)

Have a terrifyingly awesome weekend guys!

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October 22, 2008
posted by Nk. at 1:55 PM

They say fortune favors the bold.

Well. I could give it my best shot, but fortune and I, we have a funny relationship. (I think fortune thinks I'm hotter a bipolar.)

So. Allow me take things just literally this time.


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October 14, 2008
posted by Nk. at 4:48 PM

What have I learned today?

Today I have learned that I can get myself injured without really knowing it or feeling the pain or sting -- much like this morning when I stumped my little toe unto a colleague's shoe, or scraped my hand somewhere and only noticed the injury after feeling something sticky (blood was already oozing out) between my toes, and a long slash at the back of my hand.

Today I also learned that alcohol stings like mothurfcuking hell, especially if you happen to spurt it straight into your unsuspecting eye.

Today I learned that there are things in my life that I can really laugh about without needing to be guilty or embarrassed. I grew up a painfully shy person (I prolly am still, tho I can fool you with the way I carry myself in this blog lol), but I'm quite pleased with the way I turned out to be -- tho I still have a lot of "braving up" to do (I hear you Julz, haha!) and I do have (and will prolly still have) my retarded moments.

Today I learned that I could sit still and not impale myself with senseless predictions of a future that does not yet exist and therefore I should not have worries about. Joanna, you are right, I could be happier if I expected myself to fall flat on my face instead of landing on my 12-year old, daredevil feet that day I jumped off that moving tricycle. But some curiosities we really have to die a little to find out, don't we. That's okay, because now I can tell you what it feels like to land on your face, haha!

Today I learned, that being careful doesn't really save you anything, it just prolongs the coming of things, things that are inevitable -- death, love, loss, rejection, yes, even happiness. You know, like no matter how slowly you pour water into a glass, you'll still fill it?

Today is Tuesday, and I LOL at life. =)

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October 10, 2008
posted by Nk. at 8:29 AM

Leap in, the net will appear.

~ Jason Mraz, Make It Mine

Seriously, I am both amazed and jealous of people who can plunge into life without thinking, or thinking too much -- like I do.

things are not clear, just like in a dream

You know that feeling when you're at the edge of a cliff, sure that with one misstep, you're dead? You're standing there, scared as shit yet you still wonder what it would be like to just fall. You know that at the bottom are the countless bodies of those who tried to find out. Do you just close your eyes, hope that God isn't busy somewhere else, and jump?

Life sure is one hell of an act of faith.

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October 4, 2008
posted by Nk. at 7:07 PM

Because it's the weekend, I don't want you guys thinking I'm still shoe-gazing and making emo as I displayed in my previous post. Today was a surprisingly good day, hugs to the universe! I came to work with a hangover, thanks to Art who left me and his friend to make nice with the bottle of Vodka after he drank just three shots.

But yes, today was sweet. =)

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October 1, 2008
posted by Nk. at 6:57 PM

I'm sick today. This is what weird weather does to asthmatics like me. Other than being sick, I'm also feeling gloomy.

But yesterday I was feeling perfectly happy.

The octopus' fleeting dream
/ in the trap
/ the summer moon

~ Matsuo Basho

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