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December 31, 2008
posted by Nk. at 11:39 PM

Before 2008 officially ends, I want to thank all of you guys who have inspired, perspired, and expired me this year!

(don't ask where I am, I'm in a secret, happy place haha)


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December 16, 2008
posted by Nk. at 5:03 PM

1. Emo niki. Yep. You may have noticed that I've taken a fancy to shoe-gazing lately, my out of happy tags coming one after the other. BUT. No more of that! I'm rejuvenated (yes, partly with alcohol but I'm good, I'm good now), I'm alive, awake, alert (okay maybe not very alert -- you can't be if you're a errrr-- a little spaced out), enthusiastic!

Okay. The real reason why emo niki is no more is that well, I'm over certain things and I just decided to quit worrying about the wrong things. Shit happens, we can wallow in it for a while and after that -- NEXT!!

Of course, there's always the fact that I could be bipolar.

night out (here with old friends Gracey and Edri)

And then there's what we call party therapy. You have to admit it, there something about laser lights, booze, good friends, and lastly T.I. or some hiphop thug blaring in your ears and coaxing your body to move that makes things a little brighter. Not world peace brighter, but brighter still.

yep, it's okay to post blurry photos too!

tama lang na magwala sa dance floor, haha

So yes to more parties plz.

2. My freaking stylus. In the midst of the afterparties I lost my phone's stylus. It's Bailey's fault. He made me do it. I just woke up (thankfully not in a strange bed), felt the bed for my phone, felt the phone for my stylus and found that it was gone. Good thing I had a spare. So yep, let the good times roll, baby (mayabang haha).

3. That normal feeling under my foot. You know? That thing you feel that assures you you still have your feet? I lost that after wearing 5-inch heels for a good nine hours. That's what you get trying to prettify for a night that would have you ending up drunk in some sofa somewhere.

4. And finally, my plans to purchase a laptop. Because YAY! I won an Acer Aspire One notebook during our office party -- the only major thing I've ever won in a raffle in my whole years of existence on this planet! Because ever since raffle tickets were invented I never won anything yet, not even some measly candy, shampoo, canned goods or anything. I never win these things but now yay, a little blue laptop! (Dear universe, are you trying to make up for making fun of me lately?)

why helo thar you little cheesecake, you, you!

So yup, life's a bitch and so are we. (Walang sense, syempre. lolz)

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December 6, 2008
posted by Nk. at 8:40 AM

Yesterday was a very, very bad day.

Good friends suddenly lost their jobs, my friend Red got caught (as in caught a bullet in his chin) in the crossfire in that tragic shootout that happened in Parañaque and is now confined in the hospital, and most of all, yesterday it was clearer than ever that some things were over before they've even really begun.

On the brighter side of things, maybe it's just the universe's funny way of rebooting -- sort of giving us a new lease on life. Losing your job could mean you'll find a better (more deserving of your labor) one; getting shot -- but coming out alive is by no means something to get down on your knees and be grateful to the universe for; and things ending before they've even begun could mean that it was never meant for you anyway, that maybe, just maybe, it was just a taste of things to come (Great things, I hope, the taste test was pretty good and great things don't come easy in my life lately hehe.)

So yes Twinkle, I'd really like to think so too.

Song of the moment: Jack's Mannequin's The Resolution

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