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March 28, 2007
posted by Nk. at 9:04 PM

not to offend kimerald supporters out there, but Sana Maulit Muli is getting lame. it's fast becoming like most other TV dramas out there...bonggang beginning, then the story gets shallow, then it gets repetitive, then it gets annoying, then it gets booooring, until finally you turn the TV off or watch something else instead. i like kim and gerald better in the sitcom Aalog-alog, the SMM story is simply too heavy for their age range, it looks more like a story for older actors, say the likes of claudine baretto et al. DESTINY is much too serious a topic for teenagers. though there is much promise for the acting skills of the SMM leads, and no doubt elicits kilig from "kimerald" supporters, overall SMM fails to draw the desired effect -- and that is believability. parang 'yung sa flor de luna -- pilit. unless SMM producers come up with something we haven't seen in pinoy TV soap operas before, this one should (and must) end soon, if only to not prolong our agony.

thankfully Maging Sino Ka Man is saved from the same fate as all the others with the excellent acting from its cast, and the twists that happened na at least keeps the viewer interested on what happens next. i have to say that i'm most impressed with anne curtis' performance (esp for tonight's episode) -- she's come a long, long way from the pacute teenager who entered showbizness years ago. and in fairness to sam milby, he has the dramatic actor in him, he should perfect his tagalog though kasi nasisira minsan ang scene when he speaks in his barok tagalog. of course there are the usual suspects: john lloyd cruz, bea alonzo, irma adlawan, christopher de leon et al. this is a dream cast, to say the least. and what can i say about ryan eigenmann? it's in the blood, pips, it's in the alajar-de mesa blood. i just heart this actor, one of the most underrated in the industry. too bad his character had to die tonight.

when i think of pinoy soap operas i get a bit sad, alam nyo 'yun -- the amount of time we Filipinos spend in front of the TV digesting them, tapos, wala man lang anything bago, a new soap comes but di pa nga sya nangangalahati alam mo na how it will end, who will die, who will screw who, who will get rich, who will turn into a pauper. napakapredictable. sayang, because i believe that there is no dearth in good writers, brilliant ideas (such as my friend amber's fanfic, If Secrets Could Talk), unique story lines and equally great actors out there. ang ngyayari, networks are recycling stories, na parang ang tatamad ba ng writers and producers nila? tuloy some of us get addicted to other shows from other countries.

what do i want to see on philippine primetime?

1. something that requires some sort of brain activity kahit konti lang, tipong CSI or Prison Break. 'yung sis ko sabi sakin noon, si erwin tulfo bagay maging lead ng ganitong series. musta naman yun?

2. not your usual "love team". or your usual love story. naisip ko nga several days ago, bagay siguro si sam milby and chin chin gutierrez gawa ng series, tipong mume-May-December affair. hahaha.

3. how about something that teaches us too of our history, or culture? instead of recycling old movies why not translate Elias at Salome (i have just the perfect cast for this haha!) to a full length teleserye? o kaya, gawan ng twist, basta, something that will have a more substantial effect. 'yung at least me matutunan ka din about yourself, and hopefully your origins.

ano pa...wala na akong maisip for now. kayo guyz, what do you think? =)


At March 29, 2007 at 3:41 PM, Blogger Uhmbrr

I see the weird mommy dearest vibe with Sam and Chinchin too. Everytime JB and Corazon are bickering and then touching each other's faces... I keep waiting for them to make out. Then I go... errr... that's mom and son nga pala. I see incestual vibes. hahaha may chemistry ata kasi sila.

And thanks for promoting IF SECRETS COULD TALK. Love ya. Hehe. Shout out to Malisyosas!


At March 30, 2007 at 12:51 PM, Blogger chocomanik

ambburr! *hugz* omg akala ko ako lang ang mahalay...este keen ang observation LOL! kasalanan mo eh, kung ano ano tinuturo mo sakin. loveya -- perv. LOL!


At April 1, 2007 at 1:34 AM, Blogger Jing

waaah, magcha-chapter 7 na ko ng story ng "If Secrets..." :)

grabe, musta naman at kilig na kilig ako dun sa part nung nasa ilalim sila ng hagdan.. haha!

yung chin & sam love story na naisip mo.. okay yan!

naisip ko din yan dati eh..
naisip ko kung ano kaya maging sila...
sa totoong buhay!!! waaah!:p