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June 4, 2007
posted by Nk. at 11:45 PM

this is a long-overdue answer to trx's tagging me a while back, hehe.

okay, here goes 10 reasons to hate me (more?) hahaha:

INSTRUCTIONS: A person who gets tagged must write in his or her blog ten weird things or habits or little known facts about himself or herself. He or she should also state this rule clearly. At the end, he or she should tag six other people, except the one who tagged him or her.

1. i have a mean streak that can be provoked by repetitive stupid behavior.

2. i am gravely offended by people littering. when in my company, i will consider it a personal offense if somebody throws a candy wrap out the car window or on the street. i know it sounds diva-ish, but i consider the environment an extension of my life (and yours too) and i think people should be more responsible. i always feel like slapping a person whining on TV about the government not being able to do something about the regular flooding in their area when they can't even throw their garbage in the right place. *ends rant here*

3. i move in slow motion in the morning.

4. years ago, on my first job-searching venture in manila i lived with my good friend owen in a room in cubao that was just a little bigger than our CR here at home and had no windows. there were three jobless human beings living in that closet for a time, and we exhausted our useless phase in the world by reading everything we can get our hands on. the Bible, cheesy tagalog paperbacks, owen's magazines which had half-naked men in them, and F. Sionil Jose books.

the first thing that would qualify in this post is that one, i actually began to like those cheesy tagalog paperbacks that in my normal state of mind i would never, NEVER, even touch with one finger. it came to a point when us three useless citizens would go to 7-11 to *cringe* buy some new titles. ohgad. what joblessness can do to you.

5. the second thing that would qualify would be owen calling me "bourgeoisie" after we had a discussion about F. Sionil Jose's novel - Mass. i can't remember what exactly we were talking about, but for a time i wondered if he meant it as a compliment...or as an insult. LOL.

6. i was really a meanie to men when i was in college. i had a rabid feminist phase, where i saw men as well, to borrow words from idol miriam "lower species". a guyfriend asks, pwede ba kitang ihatid sainyo? and i'll have this completely blank face and ask him, do i look like i can't find my own way home to you? or he asks, what will you say if someone says, i love you to you? then he gets an amused reply from me: "thank you?" (years later our common friends would tell me that he was actually uhm, confessing...aaww, poor guy)

kaya parang nakakarma ako ngayon eh. hahaha.

7. tamad ako manuklay. that is why most of the time people will see me with what seems to resemble a nest on top of my head.

8. i've mentioned this in an earlier tag before -- i rarely have my jeans washed. i know, like -- it's "eew". but when it comes to my jeans, as long as it won't have a life of its own yet it's fine with me. hahaha.

9. i'm far too lazy to iron my clothes. unless it's a special occasion that requires me to look in such a way so as not to embarrass other people (ie, weddings, funerals, award ceremonies etc), i do not iron my clothes.

10. i tend to get bored easily. so i like it when things change, or something totally different comes up. if i didn't need to earn money for a living i wouldn't be caught dead being an employee. i like being my own boss. but that's already number 11 and the tag only says 10. haha!

so eto, damay-damay ulit? i'm now tagging emir, peachy, foxxy, aya, shey, and bianca (chasecake, help, haha)

some more notes for today:

- TODAY IS WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY! do something for mother nature guys, it'll be good for you, whether you believe it or not!

- poor paris hilton, being joked about at the MTV awards like that, and she was around to experience the whole thing. i'm not a fan or anything, but i hope the girl learns something from this experience.

- still not over the vote counting cheating? i cannot believe that it takes a whole friggin' month to count the votes in this country. finish it already and get some real work done!

- song for the day: Everyday, by Dave Matthews Band. =)


At June 5, 2007 at 6:32 PM, Blogger skulgirltrx

thanks Niks! i hope you had fun doing this! =)


At June 6, 2007 at 2:28 PM, Blogger shey

pareho tayo. tamad din ako..
di rin ako nagsusuklay. hehe..

tnx 4 d tag.ü