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July 14, 2007
posted by Nk. at 4:58 PM

the thing with being single is that you either hear people saying how lucky you are for not having to have to put up with pesky, jerk-boyfriends, or, you get this:

"don't worry, darating din sa'yo si mr. right". ("don't worry, mr.right will come")

okay. so i've heard this line ever since i hit puberty and learned to ogle boys -- and so far, none of those who've told me this line has got it right. and so my friend atty. (it's good to have lawyer-friends around you know) and i were sharing our wise views on this topic, chatting away during my precious toiling hours at the office about failed relationships, and non-relationships.

atty. : meron tlaga para sau sis ("there's really someone meant for you sis")
atty. : *laughs*
niki: oo nga sis ("you're right sis")
niki: feeling ko nakakulong ("he could be in jail now")
atty. : *LMAO*
niki: baka nasa munti, doing jail time *LOL* ("could be in Munti, doing jail time")
atty. : lechu!!!! (*insert cuss word here)
atty. : ang kulit mo hahahaha (how do you say "kulit" in english? LOL)
niki: *LMAO*
niki: dinga malakas tlga feeling ko ("seriously")
atty. : *LMAO some more*
niki: o kaya baka naman lasing ("he could be drunk")
atty. : *LMAO pa rin*
niki: o me identitity crisis pa *LOL* ("or he could be currently undergoing an identity crisis")
atty. : *LMAO*
niki: bading ata sya ngaun eh *LMAO* ("he could be gay right now")

seriously. he could be in another freaking planet. drunk. and gay.


At July 16, 2007 at 12:52 AM, Blogger kamskee babamskee

nice blog.. very interesting.. =)