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June 7, 2007
posted by Nk. at 11:40 PM

tagged by eipp =)

1. write about how much addicted you are towards something.

2. don't forget to include the percentage of 'addictedness' towards that thing.

3. all with one condition. the total percentage must reach 100%.

4. you MUST tag others and continue tagging but please don't forget to explain the rules and notify that person so they know they had been tagged.

heeeeeeeee. i'm tempted to say i'm addicted to just one thing, err, person...but okay, okay, i'll name my other addictions so tagging me won't be so useless.

50% - anything Korean. Korean culture, Korean movies, Korean language, going to Korea, korean fashion. jologs ba? who freakin' cares. and yes, that 50% is 40% addiction to The Guy Who I Sing "I Wanna Have Your Babies" To. heeeeeeee.

20% - the internet. i'm only offline when i sleep. and that's like what, 3, 4 hours? and if it's "brownout". or if i'm out partying. or drunk. or somewhere where there's no PC around.

20% - reading, blogging and books.

10% - taking pictures. of me. and the rest of the world.

who to tag? i'm lazy, so let's tag everyone who lays eyes on this post. hahaha.