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December 17, 2007
posted by Nk. at 8:04 AM

What? I did not internutz for four straight days? BUT WHYYYYYYY?!?!??

1. Because my SMARTbro connection at home is sucky lately and I still have no connection up to now (unless that fumbling CSR I talked to actually MEANT what she said about reporting my complaint to their technical department);

2. Because my office has BLOCKED twitter and now I can not even whine about the simple things in life, I'll get back to this point later k);

3. Because I dislocated several neck muscles and now I'm temporarily incapacitated thanks to the prolonged staring up the sky to count ELEVEN out of a hundred PRETTAAAYYY (this one's for you Baddie because I slay you like, now) shooting stars during the meteor shower;

4. Because I'm busy making sure my costume makes me look slutty prettaaaaaayyy for our office parteeeyyy this Friday;

5. Because I'm currently in a secret location hiding from my inaanaks;

6. Because I got pwnd at the mall and am now bankrupt and homeless;

7. Because I'm poor and depressed that I can't buy a laptop and that Abenson guy just made it worse by saying LAFTHAF when I tried to ask about the Sony Vaio catalog displayed at their store;

8. Because I'm making a valiant attempt to invite good karma to my sucky life by shutting up;

9. Because Britney has pwnd me and now I want to shift careers and be a pole dancer;

10. Because I was a little drunk during the weekend.

And oh by the way, did I mention that I saw a very prettaaayy PINK star while watching (or trying to) the meteor shower? It was so prettaaayy it was gay.

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At December 17, 2007 at 11:24 AM, Anonymous Baddie

LOLOLOL Maaan this "prettaaayyy" shit never gets old I swear. MOAR.


At December 18, 2007 at 10:47 PM, Anonymous muserati

oh oh, my dear niki, i have the same s***ty net connection, no thanks to PLDT. @#$#$#.

so i could not blog properly as I was in a very very very foul mood.

those poor pldt csr's must be deaf heheheh